1.) How much money does the delivery cost? (???)
The delivery is 10 pounds. Order from us above 100 pounds and it will be free!

2.) How can I order?
Your order can be placed in the webshop, in e-mail, via skype, by phone.

3.) Can I put a logo/emblem, subtitle on my bands? 
Yes, you can send your custom emblem, logo/emblem, subtitle to our e-mail and then we'll make the graphical plan. When it's done we send back to you. If you'll be satisfied the production starts. 

4.) How many characters fit on a band? 
It depends on the wristband's type [(e.g.: Tyvek 3/4" (1.9cm), Tyvek 1" (2.5cm)] and the font size. 

5.) What is a digital proof?
A digital proof is a digital image of how your wristbands will look. We will show you an image before we start production. You can make as many changes as you like to the digital proof until you are satisfied.

6.) How long does it take to get a digital proof?
Within 1-2 hours.

7.) How can I confirm the proof I received?
The proof should be confirmed in e-mail. 

8.) I received my proof and I want to make a change. How can I do that?
If you want to change something please write in e-mail. Changing the graphical plan (re-make) is free. 

9.) What if I need to cancel my order?
Please, let us know in e-mail. When the product is available from stock the cancelling is possible. If you ordered with logo/emblem, subtitle and the production had done the cancelling isn't possible. 

10.) What should I do if I made a payment twice by mistake?
The money will be refunded. 

11.) What methods of payment are accepted?
You can pay by PayPal because offers 100% satisfaction guarantee to its customers. T/T transfer is also accepted. (ogone???)

12.) How can I trust your company?
We've been in business for over 10 years. PayPal offers 100% satisfaction guarantee to its customers.

13.) What is Tyvek?
Tyvek is a man made material, similar in look and feel to paper but much tougher. Its waxy, durable surface makes it an ideal security wristband. Tyvek is waterproof, difficult to tear, non-stretch and easy to print on.

14.) Can I have my own logo and text printed on the wristbands?
Yes, we offer custom printed wristbands. Custom printed wristbands are a little more expensive but offer an increased level of security and are sure to impress those attending your event.

15.) Why is my proof of design (graphical plan) in black and white?
Because of technical limitations. It's not just at our company, everywhere the graphical plan (proof of design) is in black and white. 

16.) Are there extra costs, if I want my wristbands customized?
No, we don't have any hidden fees. The price contains the charge of logo-making and the technical costs. 

17.) How can I order via e-mail?
Send us an email to (???) and we'll process your order for you. Please include the following details in the e-mail:
Wristband type
Wristband colour(s)
Customization [information you would like printed, what font(s) and logo(s)]
Payment method
Invoice address
Delivery address
Delivery deadline
Contact details (phone number is required for delivery)
We will contact you once we receive these details and send you a proof of design. We will only proceed to manufacture (in case of customized wristbands) after the design is approved by you.