Using this website means that you have agreed the terms and conditions and any changes that are made to them in the future. It's in your own interest to have read the details below carefully.
Wristband24.uk maintains the right to change or update the Terms and Conditions at any time without notice. 
We've 2 ways of purchasing goods what you ordered: the PayPal and bank transfer (T/T-transfer). These are the safest and fastest ways of completing a trade. All our one off website financial transactions are handled through our payment services provider, Paypal. You should only provide your personal information to Paypal after reviewing the Paypal privacy policy (available at www.paypal.com).  We will share information with Paypal only to the extent necessary for the purposes of processing payments you make via our website. WE DON'T STORE YOUR FINANCIAL OR CREDIT CARD DETAILS! 
Few words about the T/T-transfer: is one of the simplest forms of international transfers. In traditional international trade, it’s risky for buyers to pay using bank transfers because their money goes into the suppliers’ bank account directly - before they are able to receive their order. 
The 20% VAT will be deducted automatically when you select shipping country in checkout.
When Paypal is used to pay for an order the address on the order must be identical to the address in the Paypal account used for payment. This is a security requirement from Paypal. If the addresses don’t match the order won't be sent.
Cancellations and changes to your order may be possible if the final production of your wristbands has not actually commenced. Wristband24.uk, in any event, will do its best to carry out your request to cancel or change your order. Any cancellations or changes should be made within 6 hours of placing your order when you have not Digital proof as YES. If your order hasn't reached the initial production stage, then any alterations will be completely free. However, if the order is in the pre-production stage, but not yet in the final stages of production, a £7 cancellation or change fee does apply. Please contact our sales department if you need to cancel or change your order.
Once full production has begun, it will be impossible to cancel or change your order. However, we can change the delivery address or even stop the delivery altogether, but you will still be charged the full rate applicable for the order.
Refunds will only be given in certain circumstances. Refunds won't be given, for instance, if:
Customers making an error in their own order, e.g.: wrong colour 
The production date isn't as originally stated
Selection of wrong font
Non availability of customer while delivery and courier service destroys the package
Partial refunds may be given if the goods are shipped late, but restricted to the shipping costs on a pro rata basis only
Production costs are not refundable. In the event of any refund, the full amount of the refund won't exceed the cost of the original order.
Orders Duplicated while placing the order must be informed before the order is in production. Please check your order receipt and inform as soon as possible to our sales department.
Any defective products received should be notified within 7 to 15 days of delivery. They should be returned to the company with the valid RMA number clearly displayed. Contact us via e-mail: wristband24.uk@gmail.com.
Please submit your requests for artwork as soon as you have placed your order. You can do this by emailing all your artwork and logo instructions to wristband24.uk@gmail.com.
The logo will be same as text colour by default. If you need original colours of logo please email us at wristband24.uk@gmail.com after placing the order.
We will examine your request to make sure it fulfils the conditions suitable for the product you have ordered. If we need to make any small modifications, then we'll do this free of charge.
If you make a repeat order for goods, it won't be possible to guarantee exactly the same colour wristband.
We give every time our best. BUT! The colours shown both on the website images as well as the proofs sent to you by email can never represent the exact colours of the wristbands in every detail. It is an inherent problem in the electronic representation of images that there may be a slight difference between the image and the final product. The manufactured item will have colour “U" applied, rather than the pantone colour “C".

Every attempt to match a reorder to the original order will be made, but we cannot guarantee that your reordered goods will be an exact match.
GoWristBands.co.uk will endeavour to get your goods produced as soon as possible after your order has been finalised and artwork instructions submitted. The actual production time may vary depending on the number of bands ordered and the design requested. Normally, this is between 1 to 7 days after the order has been received. If you need your bands urgently, please contact our sales department and we'll do what we can to rush through your order.
We guarantee that your merchandise will be dispatched on or before the shipping date given when your order was finalised, however we cannot guarantee the time taken by the carrier, as this is out of our control. All packages are sent by UPS and we work just with UPS. This is the only shipping way.
There will be further fees charged if you change any shipping requests after the goods have been dispatched and while they are already in transit.
If you change a shipping address while the goods are already in transit, a £10 fee will be charged using the same payment method used for the original order.
If goods are returned to the company or re-routed for any reason, a £20 fee is applicable.
We will make every effort to maintain the advertised pricing policy, but reserve the right to make changes at any time, depending on changes in the market. This could affect the price per item or the minimum number required for an order.
If any error is made in an advertised price or minimum quantity required, then Wristband24.uk maintains the right to cancel or refuse any order made in such conditions. We will, however, make every effort to modify your order so it is affordable and within your budget.
The content of this website is protected by copyright and can only be used for non-commercial uses. This protection applies to all graphics, illustrations and images, logos, page headers and text within the website. The Wristband24.uk logo is a registered trademark held by the company. The entire content of the website is registered under U.K. copyright laws and the company owns the right to arrange, change, enhance and select any or all of the content.
Portions of the website may be downloaded or copied for non commercial personal use only. Users of this website are permitted to use portions of the website for their own personal use as long as they do not alter or remove any logos, copyright or trademark notices and do not post any portion of the website on another computer network of any type or broadcast any portion of the website on the media.


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